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July 13, 2022

we’re pregnant! baby marlow #2 coming in 2023

It feels surreal even typing this but Patrick and I are over the moon to announce that we’re pregnant (again!) with baby #2! We found out on May 19th (the day before our 5 year wedding anniversary… it was the best gift!) and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve gotten tons of questions about this baby/pregnancy since announcing it publicly, so below are some of the questions + answers! Baby #2- you are SO LOVED already and we can’t wait to meet you in 2023!!

What’s your due date?

January 30, 2023. Because I have a history of a premature birth (Olivia was 5 weeks early) the goal is to make it to full-term (January 9th) but hopefully even longer!

How far apart will the babies be?

If Baby #2 comes on the due date, they’ll be 3 days shy of 18 months apart. 

Do you know the gender?

It’s a BOY!!! We truly didn’t have a preference on gender for either baby (I know some people do, and that’s totally ok!), but we think it is going to be so fun having one girl and one boy!

Have you picked a name?

We have! 

I’ll probably share at some point before he’s born this time but we want to be 100% sure it feels right first! 

Did you have any symptoms before you got a positive pregnancy test?

My high school best friend actually texted me “Why do I have a feeling that you’re pregnant?” a few days before we found out. I remember laughing and thinking “no way”… 

A few days later I started having super vivid dreams… which I only get when I’m pregnant. That’s when the thought crossed my mind to take a test. 

Did you always know you wanted babies close in age?

We always wanted our babies close in age! We had decided to start trying once Olivia turned one so this ended up being the best surprise just a few months early. We know the first few months with two under two will be wild, but we are actually excited for the chaos!

How have you felt during this pregnancy vs. your first pregnancy?

Almost identical! I was pretty tired during the first trimester (and getting COVID didn’t help) but other than that I feel normal! I am very lucky to not get sick during my pregnancies so other than the fatigue I really don’t have any pregnancy symptoms.

How many babies do you guys want?

When we got married we agreed on two. But we’ll see! I think Patrick and I both want to have this baby and then decide if our family feels complete or if we have a desire for more children.


We can’t wait to welcome our baby boy in 2023!