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July 8, 2017


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marybeth, the heart behind Marybeth Marlow Photography. I’m recently married to my high school sweetheart, Patrick, and we are currently living in Miami, Florida. I’m a Virginia girl at heart and was born and raised in Oakton, Virginia just 30 minutes outside of Washington DC. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand so my journey to photography was a pretty natural one. I refer to myself as a “extroverted introvert” because as much as I love people and feed off their energy, I absolutely value my quite time to fuel my creativity.

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Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

Now let me introduce you to the people I love the most:

My husband. He’s my high school sweetheart and adventure buddy, Patrick. He’s my absolute rock, cheerleader and is the biggest supporter of my crazy dreams. As I’m writing this we have been together 2,989 days and married for 48– we’ve been together over 1/3 of our lives and I feel so lucky to have grown so much with him over the years.

Bride and Groom-0464

Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

My parents. They’ve been married 27 years and are the best example of a a strong marriage. My Mom is the strongest woman I know and my Dad is a goofy, young-soul– together, they are a match made in heaven. I always say if my marriage is half as good as theirs is, I will be one lucky girl.

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My sisters. I’m the middle child of 3 girls which always means there’s something exciting going on at our house. My older sister, Sarah, is the smartest person I know and is a PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill– she’s going to save the world one day. My younger sister, Emily, has the biggest heart for serving others and is studying to become a teacher at James Madison University.

Bridal Party-0541

Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

My dog. I remember the day I picked up our sweet Goldador (Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab mix) when I was 12 years old and she’s been by my side ever since. In fact, she was so fat as a puppy because I carried her everywhere and she never had to walk! She’s a healthy 13 year old girl now and lives with my parents in Virginia.

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My friends. I always say the hardest thing about living in Miami is being over 1,000 miles away from most of my friends. Our friendships have definitely grown stronger over the past 2 years of our “long distance relationships” but it certainly makes visits to see each other so, so sweet.

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Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about me! Check back soon to see some exciting projects in the works for the rest of 2017!