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September 6, 2017

We Adopted a Puppy!

Hi friends! Life has been a little crazy these past couple of weeks because Patrick and I have adopted a sweet rescue puppy- Tucker Marlow! Taking care of a puppy is no joke and it has pretty much consumed our lives these past 3 weeks. We adopted Tucker on August 12, 2017 from United Dog Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tucker was one of 7 puppies in his litter and the second I saw him, I knew he was our baby. Tucker was described as the “cuddly one” and he was a little pudgier than his siblings. It was an instant connection. We adopted Tucker when he was 8 weeks (crazy to think he’s 11.5 weeks now!) and he has become a spoiled pup in a home filled with so much love.

Here is Tucker on the first day we brought him home.

I am so lucky to work for an amazing company that has a dog-friendly office environment so Tucker has jumped right in to office life. He loves his co-workers and tries his best to stay awake during meetings. Here are a couple of iPhone shots of Tucker at work.

He even jumped in a couple of shots at a recent client photoshoot. We were shooting fall content so Tucker was loving jumping in (and eating) the fake leaves on set.

Photo by: Zina Perlman


Thankfully, he has been the best commuting buddy, too.

Over Labor Day Weekend, Tucker went on the boat for the first time while visiting his grandparents (my in-laws) in Key Largo, Florida. He loves the water and learned how to swim right away!

Patrick and I have learned a lot about puppy parenting and working as a team, and to be honest this has helped our marriage continue to grow even stronger. Our lives look a little different now– 6:00am wake up calls every morning, lots of time in the dog park, and learning all the training techniques, but we feel so lucky to have this little guy in our lives.

We love you Tucker. Welcome home.