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June 15, 2021

The Second Trimester

Ok wow WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. As I’m writing this I’m a few days into my third trimester and the second trimester has officially come and gone! As many people told me I would, I loveddd the second trimester. I had so much energy, I felt amazing, and it was such a cool experience feeling baby girl’s first kicks and seeing my belly grow every single day!

The second trimester (weeks 14-28) spanned March, April, May, and early June. It was a super busy season for us between work and personal travel/events. We also hit a few pregnancy milestones including a good 20-week ultrasound, passing my gestational diabetes/glucose test, getting our COVID vaccines, going on our babymoon, feeling the first baby kicks, and so much more! Below I’m diving into some of the 2nd trimester questions I’ve gotten so far and I’m so excited to share my personal experience so far.

Best and worst parts of the 2nd trimester?

Best parts: Feeling the baby kick literally ALL the time!! I first felt her kicks at 18 weeks and by week 20 I was feeling her every single day! Patrick could feel her around week 22 and now one of our favorite things to do it lay on the couch together with my belly out and just watch her move around! Seriously feeling a baby move inside you is the most magical feeling! Another best part for me is literally watching my bump grow every single day. I’ve really come to love the bump and will be so sad when she’s here and it’s gone!

Worst parts: I had some pretty rough back pain throughout the month of May while I was shooting weddings at the end of the second trimester. I also had a little bout of plantar fasciitis from wearing dress shoes with little support during wedding days for 10+ hours at a time. The morning after weddings I really struggled to move and was in some pretty serious pain until I was able to stretch and convince Patrick to rub my feet and back. Let’s just say I am very relieved that I shot my last wedding of the year at 27 weeks because my body wasn’t having it anymore!

Must have products for surviving the 2nd trimester?

Oh I have a few!!

How did shooting weddings go?

For the most part, it went really well! I was really proud of myself for hustling through April and May and spending 10-12 hours a day on my feet during wedding days! I had 6 weddings over 7 weeks (2 of which I was a guest/in the bridal party and not the photographer!) but dang my body would hurt afterwards. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor but my prenatal chiro and prenatal massages were so crucial in recovery pushing through those long wedding days. I am so relieved I am not shooting any weddings during my 3rd trimester and for all future pregnancies I think the end of my 2nd trimester is the latest I would shoot them again!

When are you taking maternity leave?

Photography- I am taking maternity leave June 15-end of 2021. However, I am going to offer a select number of mini sessions before the holidays!

Advertising Agency- At my full time job I am going out on leave August 20 and will return early in 2022 (exact dates are TBD based on a few factors).

Any nursery updates? 

Baby girl’s nursery is 90% done! I promise to do a full nursery reveal and tour at some point!

Are you planning on breastfeeding?

That’s the goal! However I want to be kind to myself and know breastfeeding isn’t an option for every mama. So we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Have you felt ok traveling?

Post-vaccine I’ve LOVED traveling during the 2nd trimester! So far we’ve gone all over the south… Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and I’ve been on 4 flights! One thing that has been cool about flying is baby girl moves around like crazy during takeoff and landing… I’m sure it’s because of the change in pressure but I like to think it’s because she loves traveling already.

Coming up in the third trimester I have 2 big trips before she makes her arrival! I’m headed to Montana later this week to go hiking in Glacier National Park and then we’ll be in Charleston, SC for a week at the end of July on a family vacay!

Do you miss wine and coffee?

Wine, yes. I didn’t miss it much in the 1st trimester but now that it’s summertime I could reallyyyyy go for a glass of my favorite Sauv Blanc. Coffee, no. Because I’m drinking coffee! I went cold turkey on caffeine in the first trimester but now I just make sure to stick to the 200mg/day caffeine limit so I can enjoy my daily cup of coffee.

Any pregnancy pet peeves?

Haha oh boy. Yes there have been a few. What is it about pregnancy that turns off people’s filters?!

  1. People who tell us “Just wait….” Just wait until you’re sleep deprived… just wait until you’re life revolves around the baby… just wait until you feel like you can’t travel anymore… just wait until ____. Can people just stop trying to scare new parents? I get that being a parent won’t be easy (no good things are!) but next time you talk to a new/expecting parent I challenge you to lift them up in a positive way.
  2. Unwanted opinions. Please don’t tell me why the way you handled pregnancy or raised your baby is the best way. I promise I will ask for advice if I want it!
  3. Any comments on a mama’s weight!! Anything from “you should breastfeed to help lose weight postpartum!” to “you know you aren’t actually supposed to eat for two… right?” is just downright rude.

Favorite places to shop for maternity clothes? 

I’m trying really hard to not buy too many “maternity” clothes because I know I’m not going to be pregnant forever but I absolutely love Target and Amazon for staples (non-maternity, just more flowy options), Aerie and Lululemon for everyday loungewear (again not maternity, just comfy/stretchy staples!) and Pink Blush and Petal and Pup for actual maternity!

Have you dealt with body image issues as you’ve gained weight?

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t gotten a little down about seeing the number on the scale increase during doctors appointments. But I would say wayyy more often I feel pretty freaking powerful that I’m growing a precious little human!! Weight is just a number and I know I’ll be able to lose any extra pounds after she’s born. I eat when I’m hungry, try not to overdo it, and indulge on a few cravings here and there but I honestly try not to worry about it too much.

Like so many women I’ve struggled with body image in the past but for me pregnancy weight gain has felt different. The weight I’m gaining is nourishing and supporting a little life and that’s all that matters.

Have people tried rubbing/poking/touching your belly?

I think I was pretty safe initially due to not really “popping” until ~24/25 weeks and COVID has made people more cautious of touching people in general, but I have had a few people give me little belly rubs and I don’t mind it if I know them! At my sister’s wedding in May I had sooo many family members/family friends wanting to touch the belly and I was honestly fine with it! A few of my sister’s friends are medical professionals and actually were able to tell me where the baby was and her position which was pretty cool!

Any new cravings in the 2nd trimester?

LOL YES. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! While my sweet tooth has subsided a little I could eat PB&J’s all day long.

Are you taking maternity photos?

YES! They may or may not be happening at some point next month. 😉

Are you scared to give birth?

Am I looking forward to it? Not exactly. But am I scared? No. Maybe that’s naive, but I know this baby has to come out somehow so I’m just excited to meet her! To be honest I’m probably more afraid of postpartum/recovery.

I’m excited to take a few upcoming classes with Patrick though so we can be as prepared as possible! In the next few months we’re taking classes on: infant CPR, birthing, and breastfeeding. We know we have a lot to learn!

Have you been sleeping ok?

Oh how I miss pre-pregnancy sleep. I used to sleep SO hard 8-9 hours a night! Not that I’d trade these minor discomforts for anything because this baby will be SO WORTH IT!

When you’re pregnant you’re only allowed to sleep on your side, so sleep has become a little uncomfy. Hip pain, stiffness, and it’s becoming hard to flip sides in the middle of the night as I lose more control of my core muscles. Not to mention the 2-3 times I have to get up to use the bathroom!

Is Patrick allowed at doctor’s appointments now?

Although it feels like most of the world is going back to normal, I still have to attend doctors appointments solo. So Patrick and I are actually doing a private ultrasound in a few weeks at a clinic that allows husbands to join so he can finally see baby girl!

So excited to meet our baby in the next 11-ish weeks! I have a feeling time is going to fly by!