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February 15, 2018

Our Valentine’s Day Tradition

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it involves one of our longest, most unique traditions- hot dogs. Yep, that’s right, our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for the last 9 years has been hot dogs.

The reason this tradition is so special to us is because of where it all started. Patrick’s parents have been married over 30 years and have one of the most amazing, fun-loving relationships that we admire so much. Back when they were newlyweds, they were young, very in love, and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on extravagant Valentine’s Day plans. So, they went to a local dive bar and had chili dogs. It wasn’t glamorous, but they couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate how in love they were. More than 30 years later they still eat hot dogs on Valentine’s Day every year.

When Patrick and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day when we were just 16 years old, we knew we wanted to continue this tradition. I mean, who doesn’t love hot dogs and a love story?!

This year was extra special, because we got our hot dogs at the famous Atlanta staple- The Varsity. To me, The Varsity is a little sentimental because my Granddaddy used to tell stories of him and his buddies frequenting there for hot dogs when he was a student at Georgia Tech in the 1940’s. When my Granddaddy passed away just days after Valentine’s Day in 2011, Patrick and I road-tripped from Virginia to Georgia and ate hot dogs in his honor.

Our trip to The Varsity in 2011

Nobody should feel the pressure of having to spend a lot of money on expensive gifts, a fancy dinner, or pricey flowers on Valentine’s Day. Some of the life’s most precious moments are enjoying the little things, like eating hot dogs, with the ones you love most.

Happy Valentine’s Day!