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January 7, 2018

Christmas in Virginia

It has been a chaotic, yet adventurous, start to 2018. The craziness began almost 3 weeks ago when I said goodbye to my friends and co-workers in Miami, packed up our apartment/car, and drove home to Virginia for the holidays with Tucker. I broke up this trip over 3 days to stop and see family and friends along my way and in total it took me 19 hours. Now, I know 19 hours in the car with a 6 month old puppy as my sole companion doesn’t sound ideal, but I oddly loved it. I caught up on all of my podcasts, listened to an Audible book, and blasted music with nobody but Tucker to judge my horrible singing. Plus, seeing my sister, her boyfriend, and some of my best friends made each day really special.

I arrived home in Virginia on December 22nd and Patrick flew in that evening. The next morning, Patrick and I headed to Baltimore, Maryland to see the Ravens take on the Colts. Patrick is a HUGE Ravens fan, and tickets to this game were his gift from me for his birthday last May. Despite almost freezing temperatures and it pouring rain the entire 2nd half, we had a wonderful time as the Ravens won in the last couple of seconds. Despite having zero feeling in my fingers, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see such an exciting win.

Christmas Eve was spent observing all of the Schmitt family traditions. Us girls helped Mom in the kitchen preparing our special Christmas Eve dinner, we finished wrapping gifts, and getting the house in order for the Christmas festivities we host each year. We attended the children’s Christmas Eve church service complete with the story of Jesus’ birth acted out by the kids and signing our favorite hymns. We returned home to enjoy lamb and lots of wine for dinner, exchanging family gifts, reading the storybook “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and finally, reading Luke chapter 2 sitting around the Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning, we open our stockings and gifts from “Santa”, then we host my Mom’s side of the family for brunch and my Dad’s side of the family for dinner. It’s a packed day spent with almost every cousin, aunt, and uncle in my entire family and it’s always so special to catch up with everyone. Although most of my extended family lives locally in the Northern VA/DC area, my cousin Emily and her husband were in town from Paris, my sister drove up from North Carolina, and my uncle came down from New York. It’s such a blessing to have everyone together each year on Christmas.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I captured on Christmas Day–


The day after Christmas, my parents, little sister, and I enjoyed a trip to DC to visit the new Museum of the Bible. It was super interesting and my favorite part was learning about all the different areas in Israel and which biblical events took place there. My Dad spent a lot of time in Israel for work when I was a kid, and hearing his stories about visiting these places made me want to start planning a trip there too!

Visiting the Museum of the Bible

I was lucky enough to spend the rest of the week in Virginia before packing up the car (and Tucker) once again and driving to Atlanta where we moved into our cute little house in Brookhaven! I promise to blog all about our move and pictures of our new home once we’re completely settled.