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August 18, 2017

San Diego

Over July 4th weekend, I was given an amazing opportunity to travel to San Diego for work. Having only been to the West Coast once before, Patrick and I decided to go early and enjoy the weekend exploring the city before work on Monday. This was both of our first times in San Diego and we were not disappointed! The city is full of attractions, beautiful landscapes, amazing food and super friendly people. We crammed as much as possible in 48 hours and we already want to plan our next trip back. San Diego seemed like the perfect balance of beaches, mountains, a bustling city, and great culture– what more could you ask for? Here are some of the highlights of our trip and some of our favorite places we visited:


We boarded our plane in Miami at 4:45am and we were off. After a quick layover in Dallas, we arrived on time in San Diego just after 10:30am. We quickly checked into our hotel, and walked over to Balboa Park. The architecture of the surrounding buildings and museums was incredible and we enjoyed wandering around and watching the street performers.


Then we decided to check out the world famous San Diego Zoo. Growing up outside of DC, Patrick and I were frequent visitors of the National Zoo, which as a Smithsonian is free to the public. So, paying $58 per person in zoo admission was a little painful, however, the zoo definitely lived up to it’s hype and we are so glad we went. Patrick’s favorite part was that they brewed their own beers that they served at kiosks around the property.



After the zoo, we headed to Sunset Cliffs and Ocean Beach. Sadly, it was very overcast so we didn’t get to enjoy an actual sunset, but we did check out some great breweries around Ocean Beach– our favorites were Helm’s Brewing Co. and Culture Brewing Co. We finished the night with fish tacos at Mike’s Taco Club and these were some of the best tacos we’ve ever had!


The next day we explored Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla. This was our favorite day of the trip because we rented a tandem bike (which was quite a sight as it required some serious balance) and biked 15 miles along the coast. The beaches were gorgeous and we stopped at various scenic areas along the way to take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. At La Jolla, there were seals all over the beach and I couldn’t get over how cute they were.



We finished the day at Mission Beach enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It was one of those moments that felt surreal, and it made me realize how lucky I was to have this experience.



After a couple of days of hard work, my co-workers and I were given the evening of July 4th off to enjoy ourselves. We opted to go hiking along the coast at Torrey Pines State Park. The views were breathtaking and we were certainly thankful for an evening away from the hustle and bustle of work.



I could definitely get used to the gorgeous sunsets and beautiful coast lines. Even though I live in Miami, nothing beats a California sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Until next time, San Diego.